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How do Wyze Cam v4 and Wyze Cam v3 compare?

Wondering how the new Wyze Cam v4 stacks up against our famous Wyze Cam v3?  We love them both, but we've compared them in this chart below:

  Wyze Cam V3 front view

Wyze Cam v4

Wyze Cam v3

Colors White or Grey White/Black/Limited Edition Blue
Finish Textured Matte Matte
Resolution 2.5k QHD w/ our best color range 1080p
Field of View DFOV 115.8°, HFOV 98,5°, VFOV 53.1° DFOV 121°, HFOV 102°, VFOV 54°
Night Vision B&W and Color B&W and Color
Sound Enhanced 2-Way Talk 2-Way Talk
Spotlight Built-in, 65 lm Sold separately, 70 lm
Notification Speed Advanced Standard
Smart Detection Yes, Onboard Person Detection Yes
MicroSD Card Slot Yes Yes
Motion Detection Edge Ai + Pixel Diff Pixel Differentiation
Setup Method Bluetooth QR Code
Speaker 99 dB at 4 in 93 dB at 4 in
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