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Which Wyze devices work with 5 GHz?

Wyze Battery Cam Pro, Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro and Wyze Video Doorbell Pro support 5 GHz networks.

All Wi-Fi connected Wyze devices support 2.4 GHz networks, as they work better over long distances and have better wall penetration. Only a few Wyze devices support 5 GHz networks.

Wyze Devices that Support 5 GHz Networks:

  • Wyze Battery Cam Pro
  • Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro
  • Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

Wyze Devices that Support 2.4 GHz Networks:

  • All Wyze Cam devices
  • All Wyze Sense devices
  • All Wyze Bulb devices
  • All Wyze Plug devices
  • All Wyze Sense devices
  • Wyze Home devices:
    • Wyze Mesh Router and Pro
    • Wyze Air Purifier
    • Wyze Sprinkler Controller
    • Wyze Thermostat
    • Wyze Lock
    • Wyze Robot Vacuum
  • Wyze Accessories:
    • Wyze Car
    • Wyze Lamp Socket

Wyze Devices with no Wi-Fi Connectivity:

  • All Wyze Lifestyle devices (scales, watches, headphones)
  • Wyze Home devices:
    • Wyze Cordless Vacuum
    • Wyze Handheld Vacuum
    • Wyze Lock Bolt
    • Wyze Gun Safe
  • Wyze Power & Lighting:
    • Wyze Night Light
  • Wyze Accessories:
    • Wyze Surge Protector
    • Wyze Solar Panel
    • Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Box
    • Wyze Cam Spotlight Kit
    • Wyze Cam Mounting kits

Additional Note

Our Bluetooth® enabled devices, like Wyze Scale and Wyze Headphones, do not connect via Wi-Fi and need a Bluetooth connection for setup. All other non-IoT devices do not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and do not work with the Wyze app, like Wyze Handheld Vacuum and Wyze Surge Protector.

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