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Introducing Sprinkler Plus


Upgrade your Wyze Sprinkler Controller with Sprinkler Plus

Sprinkler Plus is a service for Wyze Sprinkler Controller that brings in hyper-local weather data, enabling a completely hands-free experience.

Sprinkler Plus Features we love:

  • 5 Day Forecast. See the upcoming weather forecast and watering activities right in the app.
  • Smart Schedules. Your controller will automatically calculate when to water each zone based on its specific needs and weather conditions.
  • Weather Skips. Avoid wasting water or hurting your plants with Sprinkler Plus by skipping a watering if it's too cold, too windy, when sufficient rainfall is expected, or if the zone is wet enough.
  • Cycle/Soak. This feature breaks your watering down to multiple cycles to give the soil time to soak the water in for efficiency.
  • Advanced Zone Details. See the exact moisture level of each zone so you can be sure your plants are happy.

Available on Wyze Sprinkler Controller.

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