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Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box Installation Guide

Installing your Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box lets you keep your sprinkler controller outside, protected from the elements.

What's in the box?

  • Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box x1
  • Screws x6 (3 ST4x30-C-H; 3 ST3.5x10-C-H)
  • Connector Caps x3
  • Anchors x3
  • Waterproof Gaskets x3
  • Quick Start Guide x1

Required tools

  • A power drill with a Phillips head and 7/32 drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire connector caps
  • PVC pipes and connectors (your own)


Before you begin: Turn off the power to your Wyze Sprinkler Controller!

To install your Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box: 

  1. Remove your weatherproof box from all packaging. Unlock the clips on both sides and remove the accessories.
  2. If you haven't already, unplug the power to your existing sprinkler controller
  3. Take a picture of the wiring going into your existing controller. 
    • You may need to remove a cover or open a box to expose the wires. 
  4. Label each wire with the wire stickers in the package.
    • Note: Keep the exposed ends at about ¼ - ⅜ inches long.
  5. Use your pencil to mark the position of the drilling holes.
  6. Drill your holes. The diameter of the hole should be 7/32 inches, with a depth of 1.575 inches.
  7. Use the hammer to tap the anchors into your drywall.
  8. Mount your Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box.
    • Install the weatherproof box with the screws in the package. Put the gasket through the housing and tighten the gasket cap.
  9. For wiring, pull the electric wires through the 1/2" housing on the left, and the controller wires through the 3/4" housing on the right. 
    mount_3.png image13.pngexposed_wires.png
  10. With the power OFF, connect the electrical wires to the power outlet wires in the weatherproof box. Secure with the connector caps.
    • What each color wire means:
      White: Neutral wire
      Black: Phase wire
      Green: Ground wire
      wiring_1.png wiring_2.png wiring_5.pngwiring_4.png wiring_3.png

  11. Wrap the connector caps with electrical tape to protect your connections.
  12. Put the hardwiring bay cover back on and tighten the screws.
  13. Use the screwdriver to mount the mounting plate.
  14. Connect the power adapter to a power outlet.
  15. Connect the power adapter and pre-labeled wires to Wyze Sprinkler Controller. 
  16. Install your Wyze Sprinkler Controller by placing it on the mounting plate.
  17. Close the cover on your Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box and lock every clip. This ensures the enclosure is completely weatherproof.
  18. You're all set!
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