Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box FAQ

1. Do I need a Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box?

If your existing sprinkler controller is mounted outdoors, and you would like to replace it with Wyze Sprinkler Controller, then yes you will need Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box.

2. Is this completely weather resistant? Are there any exceptions?

Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box is IP65 Waterproof. IP65
requires full protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material, and
full protection from contact with enclosed equipment.

3. Can I use Wyze Sprinkler Controller Weatherproof Box with a different brand of sprinkler controller?

While you may use the weatherproof box with other brands of sprinkler
controllers, the box is designed for installing a Wyze Sprinkler Controller.
Thus, any attachment method inside will be up to your discretion.

4. How do I install my weatherproof box?

Check out the installation instructions in this article here.

5. How do I wire power to my weatherproof box?

You can follow the instructions in this article, starting at Step 8.

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