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How do I pair the remote to my Wyze Floor Lamp?

Each Wyze Floor Lamp comes with a BluetoothⓇ remote that lets you turn the light on, off, and adjust the brightness. But you have to pair the remote to the lamp first.

Before starting, make sure there are batteries in the remote and the floor lamp is plugged into power. 

To pair the remote to Wyze Floor Lamp:

  1. Toggle the cord switch on the lamp.
  2. On the Bluetooth remote, pop out the side button to enter pairing mode.
    • The status light on the remote will start flashing blue.
  3. Press the big button on the center of the Bluetooth remote.
    • The lamp's lightbulb will pulse while pairing. It will stop when pairing is complete.
  4. Press the side button in on the Bluetooth.
  5. Test the remote by rotating the big button.
    • If the brightness changes, you're all set!

Additional Notes:

  • Wyze Floor Lamp can only be paired with one remote, and vice versa.
  • To pair the remote to a different lamp, follow the steps above with that lamp.
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