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Key Updates Coming in Wyze App 3.0

The Wyze app is getting a major update in June 2024, including a major design change and new features galore. Here are a few things you'll want to look out for after the update!

The Home tab

When we say major, we're talking about the Home tab. It now shows your name, rather than the Wyze logo.

The icons to manage your devices, shortcuts, and notifications have also moved.

  • To add a device, group, Automation (previously Rules), or Home Monitoring, tap the plus sign + on the right.
  • To turn on/off All Notifications, tap the bell icon to the right of the plus sign +.
  • To trigger your shortcuts, find them on the new Favorites tab.
  • To view your list of devices, find them on the new Devices tab.

The Edit pencil for managing your list of devices has been removed in Wyze app 3.0. Preset Rules is now Essential Automations on the Automations tab.

Top Down Wyze 3.0 Comparison.png



This one's for your favorite-favorite Wyze devices and shortcuts: the Favorites tab. ⭐️ 


When you open the Wyze app, this list is shown first - the things you've added a star to on your list of devices*. 

Tip: You can tap and drag all of the elements on this tab to move your shortcuts and live streams right where you want them.


*To get you started, we'll add your top 5 most used devices to your list of favorites.


Note: There is currently no ability to sort your devices list on the Devices tab, only on the Favorites tab by tapping and dragging.



Not looking for your Top 5, but your top 25? Tap on the Devices tab for list of all your Wyze devices in alphabetical order.


Your Device Groups are also listed at the bottom of the list.

Tip: If you don't want to scroll, tap on the search icon to search by name.

Tap the star icon next to a device to add it to the Favorites tab for easy access.


The Edit pencil for sorting and deleting your devices has been removed in Wyze app 3.0.

  • Sort your devices on the Favorites tab by tapping and dragging. 
  • There is no way to tap and drag, or otherwise sort your devices on the Devices tab.
  • To delete a device from your list, tap on it. Then go to it's settings and tap Delete Device.


Automations (formerly Rules) have gotten a major reorg as well, with Shortcuts, History, and Preset Rules all in new locations.

  • Shortcuts are on the Favorites tab.
  • Access your Automation History by tapping the icon at the top of the list.
  • Explore has been removed, replaced with Essential Automations (formerly Preset Rules). These give you a few automations to try based on Wyze devices you own.

Adding automations using the plus sign + has not changed, and functions exactly as before.

Automations change 3.0.png


Ready for a new Wyze logo?

👋  One last big thing - the Wyze logo. You'll know that you've got the latest Wyze 3.0 app version by the black and Wyze Green logo on your screen. 


Not sure how to update? Here's a handy article on how to update your Wyze app.


And here's one more in case you're one of a few users who might be on much older Wyze app versions: Important: Update your Wyze app to 2.45+ ASAP



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