Resolved Service Issues



10/28/20 3:00 PM PT - The service has been restored. We're going to continue digging into this and analyzing the causes that led to this incident so they can be addressed. If you are still having difficulty with your devices showing in the app or sending logs, please contact 

Wyze Customer Support

2:43 PM PT - The process is close to completion and we are seeing reports of resolution for some people. We'll continue monitoring metrics before we consider this issue resolved. Thank you for your patience.

2:24 PM PT - We have identified the issue and are working to resolve it. Until the process is completed, there may be slow response within the Wyze app or inconsistency with the device list.

2:19 PM PT - We are continuing to work on the missing devices. While Events are visible in the app, filtering may not work as expected and the camera names may be replaced with the camera MAC address until this is resolved.

1:53 PM PT - We are looking into an issue that is preventing Wyze devices from being visible in the Wyze app. This may also impact the ability to set up new devices and send in logs although Event videos appear to be unaffected. We apologize for the inconvenience.


10/29/20 11:20 AM PT - We have pushed the firmware fix for the connectivity issues with Wyze Cam Outdoor to affected units. If the update was successful, the Wyze Cam Outdoor should have version after it detects motion for the first time following the update. The base station firmware should now be If you still have difficulty with viewing your Wyze Cam Outdoor's live stream, please contact Wyze Customer Support.

10/27/20 3:00 PM PT - We identified an issue that caused a connectivity problem for the Wyze Cam Outdoor due to an updated hardware component in the production process. The most recent official firmware ( isn’t compatible with this new hardware. If the firmware is updated to the .159 firmware and you are using one of the updated cameras, you will likely have difficulty connecting to the live stream although Event videos will still function.

We’re working on a Wyze Cam Outdoor firmware that’s compatible with both old and new hardware. Stay tuned for that update! It will come in the form of a base station update first which will then trigger an update for the camera itself. Once released, you can also manually flash the firmware if you have a microSD card handy and a way to put it into a computer. We anticipate this being available within the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


10/21/20 9:00 PM PT - The token and app issues have now been resolved. If you are still having difficulty with not being able to log in or see your devices in the Wyze app, please contact Wyze Customer Support.

5:44 PM PT - Some people's devices are becoming visible and then disappearing again. We're still not done resolving this and are working to get this stable for everyone as soon as possible.

5:21 PM PT - We found a problem with token validation and have resolved it. The service is returning to normal though it may take a little time for your devices to be visible again. Thank you for your patience.

4:40 PM PT - We are looking into an issue that is preventing Wyze devices from being visible in the Wyze app. This may also be impacting integration success such as with IFTTT. We apologize and will update with more information when we have it.


10/8/20 11:00 PM PT - We have implemented a fix. If you ran into this difficulty, please try the setup process again. If you continue to have trouble, please reach out to Wyze Customer Support.

1:00 PM PT - There is an issue preventing customers that did not previously have a Wyze account from setting up their Wyze Scale when using Android devices. This prevents customers from entering their body type, year of birth, height, or selecting athlete mode. We are working to resolve this and apologize for the difficulty.


10/2/20 4:00 PM PT - We have resolved the server error issue and appreciate your patience.

2:00 PM PT - We are working on the server errors that are occurring when trying to use the page. If you are wanting to adjust your subscriptions but are having this trouble, please wait an hour and then try again. We apologize for the inconvenience.


10/5/20 12:30 PM PT - We are releasing firmware version 4.X.6.193 to the public today. This contains the fix for the time zone bug and you can download it from our Release Notes page. Flashing this new firmware will resolve the offline issue. If you would like to see the instructions for this, you can find them here. We're sorry for the difficulty this bug caused for some of you.

10/1/20 6:51 PM PT - The Wyze Cam 4.X.6.191 firmware has a time zone bug. If your local time zone is not between GMT-8 to GMT+8, you may have had your Wyze Cams go offline with a flashing blue light after upgrading. We are working on a permanent solution and have identified the root cause. In the meantime, here is a workaround:

1. You can always manually flash your firmware back to the last stable release version. Here are the instructions.

2. If you want to continue using the 4.x.6.191 firmware version, you can perform the following steps:

A. In your smartphone’s operating system settings, change the time zone to somewhere between GMT-8 to GMT+8, such as New York, or LA.

B. After making sure the time is changed on the operating system, go to the Wyze app, delete that device, and re-add it. You should be able to connect the camera to the network and view the live stream now. 

C. After your camera is connected to the network, you can now change the time zone on your operating system back to your local time zone. However, please do NOT use the “sync time” feature in the Wyze Cam's Settings. This means your camera will stay in a time zone between GMT-8 to GMT+8. When we have fixed this problem permanently, you will be able to sync your Wyze Cam to your local time zone again.

D. If you are still having trouble after following the previous instructions, perform a factory reset for the camera and then repeat steps A-C. The instructions for how to reset a camera can be found here.


9/30/20 12:00 PM PT - We have released new Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan firmware that should improve the "fragment not found" issue. If you continue to run into it, please try unplugging your Wyze Cam and plugging it back in. If that doesn't do the trick, please reach out to Wyze Customer Support.

9/14/20 1:00 PM PT- We are looking into an issue that is causing a "fragment not found" error when trying to review Event videos. We apologize for the difficulty and will resolve this as soon as we can. As a temporary workaround, exiting the Event page and entering it again several times can resolve this issue for a video you are trying to view.


8/28/20 11:00 PM  - This issue was resolved and Wyze devices should behave as expected. If a power cycle does not return your device's function, please reach out to our customer support team.

9:45 PM PT Thank you for your patience. We are working through the notification and status change backlog and expect this to be resolved by 5 AM PT or earlier. During this time, you may experience delayed notifications, repeated notifications, or actions (such as turning on or off a device) that you requested during the maintenance occurring quickly. We're sorry for any difficulty that may cause.

6:30 PM PT - Products such as Wyze Sense, Wyze Bulb, and Wyze Cam may have delayed notifications, status updates, or Rules due to our cloud service provider performing IoT maintenance. Your ability to view Wyze Cam live streams will be unaffected. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue.


8/7/20 4:48 PM PT - The maintenance ended a couple of hours ago and all devices should be functioning properly. Thank you for your patience. If you have any difficulty with your Wyze devices, please contact Wyze Customer Support.

12:22 PM PT - Amazon Web Services (AWS) is performing maintenance on our servers. This may lead to products appearing to be offline, delayed notifications, and delayed setting changes. We apologize for the inconvenience and this will be resolved later.


8/5/20 9:16 PM PT - We have confirmed that the root cause was AWS IoT maintenance and that devices such as Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Sense, and Wyze Bulb were impacted. Some people are reporting that their devices are reporting their statuses and responding properly now and we'll have this resolved as soon as possible. As your devices reconnect, you may see repeated notifications or setting changes catching up to the actions that were taken while the devices were offline. We apologize for the difficulty.

8:19 PM PT - We are looking into a possible server slowdown that may result in delayed notifications or setting changes with some Wyze products. Thank you for your patience.


7/17/20 10:18 PM PT You may have received a shipping confirmation email that was sent in error. We apologize for the inconvenience! Please rest assured that a new order has not been placed.


7/14/20 10:22 PM PT - We have identified and fixed the root cause. If you aren't able to see your Wyze Bulbs in the Wyze app yet, please fully close and open the app again. Thank you for your patience.

9:50 PM PT - Some Wyze accounts are not displaying the Wyze Bulbs connected to the account. This includes both the Home tab and the log submission area. We are working to resolve this now and will have it fixed shortly. We apologize for the trouble.


7/13/20 7:30 PM PT - We have received confirmation that this issue is resolved and that Wyze Band activity data is syncing properly to the cloud now. Thank you for your patience.

12:12 PM PT We have identified a cloud issue that began around 7/10 and is preventing the automatic activity data sync between Wyze Band and the cloud. The data sync appears to be successful in the app but the information is not properly stored in the cloud. Activity data is temporarily stored on your Wyze Band so you will not lose all of your activity data due to this issue and it will become available after the next successful data sync. We are working on the fix and are sorry for the poor experience.


7/7/20 10:44 PM PT - At around 7:00 PM PT to about 9:00 PM PT, AWS performed maintenance on the service we use for processing information for some Wyze devices. This led to delayed push notifications and status changes but should be resolved at this time. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


6/4/20 11:35 AM PT - At about 3 AM PST, an update was made to the notification service that impacted some but not all users. Notifications for motion and person detection were sent to incorrect customers for about an hour before this change was reversed. These notifications only included text and had no images. They also did not lead to other customers' Events or live streams if selected. No photos or videos were compromised during this time.

This was resolved around 4 AM PST but customers saw the notifications later due to the inability to cancel a push notification that has been sent. We apologize for this experience and are looking into why this occurred to prevent this from happening again.


5/28/20 8:51 PM PT - A small set of customers may notice devices missing from their Home tab in the app. This is currently being resolved and should be fixed shortly. In the meantime, an Event triggering that device will make it visible in the Home tab again. We apologize for the inconvenience.


5/24/20 10:48 AM PT - We apologize for the late post about this one. On 5/23/20, we noticed posts about scheduled Rules not functioning properly around 8:00 PM. This server outage was resolved before 1:30 AM.

The way this outage occurred bypassed the methods set up for alerts and we're sorry for the inconvenience that this outage caused. We identified the root cause and changed the monitoring method to prevent this kind of outage from being missed in the future. Thank you for the reports and your patience.


5/20/20 4:30 PM PT - We are hearing reports that the Wyze forums are available again and Discourse reports having diagnosed and resolved the issue. Thank you for your patience.

4:02 PM PT - Our forum platform, Discourse, is experiencing a service interruption. They are investigating this now and will resolve it as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.


4/21/20 1:15 PM PT We have been seeing reports of being slow or encountering errors due to demand. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve this now.

Thank you for your patience. 


3/26/20 6:54 PM PT - All Wyze Locks should function normally now. We are wrapping up root cause analysis so we can prevent similar experiences in the future. Thanks for your patience during this process. If you have any trouble with your Wyze Lock, please reach out to our support team at

3:49 PM PT - We have mostly resolved this issue. All locks that were installed prior to the outage should be functioning normally now. Locks that were installed (or reinstalled) during the outage will still experience problems with internet functionality. We have not determined the root cause and are continuing to investigate. Thank you for your patience.

12:53 PM PT - As of about 12:40 PM PT, Wyze Lock actions through the internet (such as unlocking the door remotely through the app) are not working properly. Bluetooth activity is still functioning at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to repair this as soon as we can.


2/11/20 1:20 PM PT - We have been receiving reports that some Wyze Cam Pans are no longer detecting motion. We are looking into this as our top priority and expect to have more information later today or early tomorrow.

In the meantime, flashing the firmware to any firmware version (including the current is a temporary workaround. We're sorry about this and will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

2/17/20 12:35 PM PT - We have determined that most Wyze Cam Pans are unaffected by this issue and diagnosed the root cause as a critical file download failure. We're working on a long-term fix but rebooting your Wyze Cam Pan may help in some cases. If that fails, a firmware flash should resolve the issue.

Thank you for your patience.


1/22/20 1:00 PM PT - As some of you noticed, we paused the firmware upgrades for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan yesterday. We found a couple of issues that did not surface during the beta testing rounds that would lead to load issues with our cloud and connectivity problems for people using Wyze Cams in groups on iOS devices.

We are still working on the fixes for these issues and they will require another firmware upgrade later. In the meantime, no further devices will be upgraded to the new firmware and we are working on solutions to these problems. We expect to have a resolution in the near future. If you are having trouble viewing groups after the firmware update, please contact our customer support team so we can help:

We apologize for this experience and appreciate your patience.

1/27/20 2:00 PM PT - The new Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan firmware ending in .98 has been released and addresses the previous issues with the .94 firmware. Thank you for checking in. Please note that this firmware and the 2.8 app update remove XNOR person detection from the Wyze app. We look forward to having our in-house person detection ready for everyone later.

1/02/20 6:00 PM PT - We have found a cloud issue leading to a slow down in status changes for Wyze devices. Wyze contact and motion sensors are the most affected by this and it could cause a delay of about 30 minutes for notifications and Rules. We are working on this and expect to have this resolved in about an hour. We apologize for the inconvenience.

6:06 PM PT - This issue should now be resolved. If you are still experiencing a delay with your Wyze products, please contact our customer support team here:

Wyze Customer Support




12/26/19 9:00 PM PT- We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. Adjustments to our 2FA service have been made and people running into the invalid phone number error should be able to log into the Wyze app now. If you are still having trouble logging into your app, please contact our customer support team.

Wyze Customer Support

5:00 PM PT - As of 4:30 PM, we began receiving word that 2FA is not functioning. We believe that this is likely due to many people trying to log back into the Wyze app at once. We are looking into this now.

Everyone should be required to login to their Wyze app again due to a security precaution taken this afternoon. You will also need to re-link integrations like Alexa, The Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

You can learn more here:


11/27/19 7:37 PM PT - From our end, we are seeing data indicating that this problem has resolved. We have confirmed Event videos quickly being available for download using multiple accounts, cameras, and devices.

If you are continuing to see messages like, "This video does not exist," or, "Download failed," please contact our support team and let us know. Again, we're sorry for the trouble and appreciate your patience.

Support Request Form

4:06 PM PT - We have seen evidence of a 30-minute to 1-hour slowdown in being able to download Event videos from the cloud. Our team is looking into this now and we apologize for the issue.

5:37 PM PT - The Event video download problem was caused by a processing delay. We are working through this and expect this issue to be resolved in about 2-3 hours. Thank you for your patience.


11/15/19 1:30 PM PT - Wyze Cam v2 firmware version has been released to the public and addresses this issue. Thank you for your patience as we worked on a solution.

If you are still experiencing difficulty with your Wyze Cams, please contact our Support Team.

10:41 AM PT - We have discovered a firmware problem that affected some but not all Wyze Cam v2s. The symptoms of this issue include motion detection, local recording, and push notifications not functioning. We will release a firmware update today that includes a fix for the affected Wyze Cams. We apologize for the inconvenience.


10/29/19 6:30 PM PT - It looks as if the iOS notification issue from today is now fully resolved. If you are still having difficulty with your notifications, please contact our customer support team through this link: 

Support Request Form

Thank you to everyone who helped us diagnose and resolve this issue. We apologize for the trouble.

3:01 PM PT - Some people's notifications are returning but we are not fully through the process yet. We will work through everything as quickly as we can to restore the service to everyone.

12:06 PM PT - We believe that we have identified the root cause and are working on a solution for missing iOS notifications now. Thank you for your patience.

10:40 AM PT - We have seen reports of push notifications failing to appear for people using iOS devices. We are looking into this and will update when we have further information. We apologize for the inconvenience.


9/6/19 11:00 PM PT Issue resolved. Our database a significant influx of requests, which created a backlog and slowed down query processing. Our database and servers are now stabilized. If users have any issues with an order they placed via the Wyze app or website please contact us

12:15 PM PT We ran into an issue receiving orders on both the Wyze app and website. Began looking into the root cause and solution.


8/28/19 8:22 AM PT - Issue resolved.

6:21 AM PT We found that our recently released app version 2.5 had issues communicating to our servers. This caused difficulty with login, connection errors, and event videos not displaying in the Event tab. We are working with AWS on this issue and we are monitoring it closely. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


8/22/19 11:48 PM PT - Issue resolved.

6:07 PM PT - Posted update "The server maintenance is taking longer than the initial forecast and services may still be unstable for some customers. We will update once we have more information."

5:23 PM PT - Posted update "The server load is improving but is not fully resolved with some issues with logging in, automation, and feedback submission. We are performing server maintenance to further address this problem and it may make the system unstable for the next 20-25 minutes. We apologize again."

4:40 PM PT - Posted update "We are seeing levels returning toward normal so service should be restored for most people. If you are still having difficulty logging in, setting up new devices, using existing devices, viewing event videos, or using voice assistants, please let us know!"

3:35 PM PT - Our engineers identified a server spike that is impacted Wyze services involving login, app usage, and event video submission. Began investigating root cause and fix.


10/3/19 - Sent out an additional email to a small group of customers that may have received cameras missing a small resistor necessary for the MicroSD card to be recognized by the camera. Users that received this email can check if their camera is affected here:

9/12/19 - Sent out a fifth email.

9/3/19 - Sent out a fourth email.

8/16/19 - Sent out a third email.

8/16/19 - Sent out a second email to a small group of customers that may have received cameras missing a small resistor necessary for the MicroSD card to be recognized by the camera. Users that received this email can check if their camera is affected here:

8/6/19 - We sent out an email to a small group of customers that may have received cameras missing a small resistor necessary for the MicroSD card to be recognized by the camera. Users that received this email can check if their camera is affected here:


08/10/19 6:50 PM – Issue resolved. Our Service Provider was able to identified and fix the issue. We confirmed that the server update fixed the issue on users side as well.

4:00 PM – Sent a ‘Service Advisory’ notice was sent out to users. We also had better understanding of the impact to users and that up to 3% of cameras may have experienced the issue.

12:00 PM – Posted on social media to inform users about the issue. Investigation showed only newly setup cameras may be affected by the issue.

10:00 AM – We received multiple reports from different channels that our users cannot connect to their cameras outside of their home network. Began investigating issue.


08/10/19 10:30 AM – Issue resolved. We found a solution that could be implemented from our cloud to get all devices back to normal. It took us about 2 hours to deploy the fix to all users. The fix was verified by users and we posted the update on social media.

 9:53 PM – Found workaround that if users manually turned off and on the bulb it would fix the issue. Updated users on social media.

7:18 PM – Identified a few spikes of AWS IoT connection events for Wyze devices (especially Wyze Bulb). Devices would appear online but not respond to any commands. We suspected this was related to updates on the AWS side and high priority ticket was filed and monitored.

We started to see device IoT connection activities return to normal, however, the huge spike caused a processing backlog on Wyze server. We expected the backlog would take a few hours to finish processing and began exploring workarounds and other solutions.

6:54 PM – Posted notice on social media: “We are looking into a server problem that is impacting Wyze Bulb. We're adding servers to help with balancing and investigating the cause. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide more information as it becomes available.”

4:00 PM - Received reports from some users that they are no longer able to control their Wyze Bulb through the Wyze app.


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