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If someone steals my Wyze Cam Outdoor, can they set it up?

No, they cannot use a stolen Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Wyze Cam Outdoor is bound to your Wyze account as well as to your Wyze Base Station. This camera relies on the base station to connect to the internet, and the camera won't work without it.

What this means: A stolen Wyze Cam Outdoor cannot be set up unless the account owner deletes the camera and the base station from their account, and the bad guy has their own base station to add it to.

Can a Wyze Cam Outdoor be factory reset?

No, unlike other Wyze Cams, a Wyze Cam Outdoor cannot be factory reset.

What happens if someone tries to set up my stolen Wyze Cam Outdoor?

If anyone tries to set up your Wyze Cam Outdoor or base station on a different account, you'll receive an email notification letting you know.

Important: If your Wyze Cam Outdoor is stolen, do not delete it from your Wyze account. To receive the notification, it needs to remain attached to your account. 

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