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How do I replace my Wyze Band strap?

You'll need:

  • Wyze Band replacement strap (x2)
  • Pin fastener (x2)
  • A small, sharp tool

To replace your Wyze Band strap:

  1. Turn the band so that the underside of the body is facing up.
  2. With your fingernail or sharp tool, pull on the outer edge of each pin fastener.
  3. Remove each pin fastener and pull the strap loose.
  4. Push the replacement straps into each strap socket.
    1. Attach the strap with the pinholes to the Home Button end.
    2. Insert a new pin fastener into the inner side of the band, and push to lock it in.
    3. Repeat this action on the other end of the band.
  5. Tug the band to make sure the pin fasteners are secure.
  6. You're all set!
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