How do I add and remove functions on my band?

Your Wyze Band is definitely smart. It has 7 functions (or screens) in addition to the Clock Face and the Setting functions.

  • Weather
  • Shortcuts
  • Activity
  • Alarm Clock
  • Heart Rate
  • Find Device
  • Run

To manage these functions:

  1. Open the Wyze app and tap Wyze Band.
  2. Tap the + plus sign at the bottom of the list of functions. 
    • To add a function, tap the Wyze_plus_sign.PNG sign next to the one you want to add, under More Functions.
    • To remove a function, tap the red remove.png icon next to it.
    • To sort the functions, tap and drag the hamburger_menu.png icon where you want it to go.
  3. Tap Save.
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