What does Crop Coefficient mean?

We’ll admit, this one is confusing:

Crop coefficients are conversion numbers multiplied by the evapotranspiration of the reference crop (healthy pasture) to estimate the evapotranspiration of other crops. Crop coefficients vary by crop, by time of year, and by specific cultural or management practices. 

How do I calculate Crop Coefficient?

ETc = ETo x Kc

Daily quantities of crop water use (ETc) can be calculated with ETo (reference evapotranspiration) and crop coefficient (Kc) as ETc = ETo x Kc and used to determine soil water depletions from field capacity to allowed depletion.

We automatically provide a default value for each crop type, and you can fine-tune it based on the growth stage of your crop and its current watering performance.

Increasing the crop coefficient enhances the daily crop water use and the watering frequency. 

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