Can Wyze Sprinkler Controller work with Indexing Valves?

Indexing valves are activated by the pressure caused by the water supply being turned on and off. The order of zones is predetermined and cannot be altered. While Wyze Sprinkler Controller is not designed for indexing valves, some basic functionality is possible. To set Wyze Sprinkler Controller up with an indexing valve:

  1. Connect the valve wire in the M terminal slot and enable the Indexing Valve in the app "Settings" -> "System" -> "Configure Terminals" -> "M, MV, or P".
  2. Create fixed schedules for each zone (1 zone per schedule) with 15-20 minutes between the end of one schedule and the start of another. This allows the chamber of the indexing valve to rotate/turn and advance to the next zone. Here is an example schedule for a three zone system:
    • Fixed Schedule 1: 2:00AM - 2:40AM
    • Fixed Schedule 2: 3:00AM - 3:40AM
    • Fixed Schedule 3: 4:00AM - 4:40AM
  3. Ensure Cycle/Soak is turned off for each schedule.

Note: Indexing valves are not compatible with "Smart Schedules" or Cycle/Soak

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