Wyze Plug Outdoor Setup Guide

To set up your Wyze Plug Outdoor:

  1. In the Home tab of the Wyze app, tap the + plus sign in the top left.
  2. Tap Add Device.
  3. Tap Power & Lighting > Wyze Plug Outdoor.
  4. Insert your plug into a power outlet. 
  5. Select your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and enter your network password. Tap Connect.
  6. On the next screen, you'll see your plug(s) connecting to the network.
  7. Once connected, name your plug's outlets.
    1. Tap on the first outlet's name, then type in the pop-up to edit. 
    2. Tap on the second outlet's name, then type in the pop-up to edit. Tap Save.
  8. On the Things to Try page, select Create or edit a device group to organize your Wyze devices into new or existing groups, or select Share this device to give family and friends access to your new Wyze device.
    • Tap Skip to do this later.
  9. You’re all set. Enjoy your new Wyze device!

Important: Wyze Plug Outdoor should be plugged directly into your power outlet. We do not recommend connecting the outdoor plug to an extension cord as this could result in damage to your Wyze device and void your device's warranty. 

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