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How do I pair Wyze Chime to Wyze Video Doorbell?

When setting up your Wyze Video Doorbell, you were prompted to add a Wyze Chime. If you skipped this step, follow the steps below to set up your new chime.

To pair your Wyze Chime:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Video Doorbell.
  2. Tap on the Settings gear on the top right.
  3. Tap Accessories > + plus sign.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Plug your chime into a standard power outlet.
  6. Under the chime, press and hold the reset button until the blue light begins flashing.
  7. Tap Finish.
    • You may have to tap the back arrow to see Wyze Chime in your Accessories list.
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