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How do I file a claim with Extend?

Contact Extend directly via phone or online portal.

Extend makes it easy to file a claim either through the call center or the online portal. Below are the steps you will go through to have your product replaced:
  • Contact Extend via their online portal: or via phone at 877-248-7707
  • Provide your contract ID, email address, or another piece of identifying information to Extend
  • Extend entitles (validates) your contract coverage by ensuring:
    • The plan is active
    • The date is between the Effective & Expiration Dates
  • You will then answer a few Adjudication questions
  • High-level troubleshooting steps are offered
  • Once the claim is approved, a shipping label is generated to ship back the product to Extend
  • Once the shipping label is scanned, Extend will work with you to replace the broken item
  • Extend will be in constant communication with you to ensure satisfactory service has been given
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