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What is an Extend Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) Protection Plan?

A new extended warranty that covers accidental damage.

The extended warranty, provided by Extend ADH Protection Plan, begins when you purchase a Wyze product with an extended warranty attached, and lasts for the duration of the term it was purchased for. The extended warranty covers damage caused by accidents such as drops, breaks, and spills.

If the extended warranty lasts longer than Wyze’s 1-year limited warranty, the extended warranty will also cover mechanical and electrical failure, just like a regular extended warranty plan, once Wyze’s warranty has expired.

Additional Notes:

  • Refer to our Return & Warranty Policy here: Returns & Warranty Policy
  • All Wyze products come with a 1-year limited warranty provided by Wyze (manufacturer's warranty). 
  • If you purchase an extended warranty policy from Extend, it applies after the 1-year manufacturer's warranty provided by Wyze. 
    • If you've owned your Wyze product for less than a year and need help, contact Wyze.
    • If you've owned your Wyze product for over a year, and have purchased an extended warranty, contact Extend for assistance.
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