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Sharing your Wyze Scale S

The Share feature lets other people access and use your Wyze Scale S. Have a friend or family member who wants to check their measurements? Wyze Scale S automatically recognizes and syncs data for up to eight unique users and can take one-off measurements for an unlimited number of guests.

Note: Only share your Wyze devices with people you know and trust.

Shared users can:

  • Add a Wyze Scale S to the Wyze app.
  • Create a Wyze Scale S profile.
  • Use all Wyze Scale S features.
  • Measure Weight, and all body composition measurements.
  • Measure Heart Rate
  • See Weight and Body Fat Percentage trends over time. 
  • See measurement history.
  • Remove Wyze Scale S from their Wyze app.

Shared users cannot:

  • See other users' measurements.
  • Change the unit of measurement.
  • Change the Power Saver Mode setting.
  • Change the device Name.


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