How do I enable VOIP calls on Wyze Video Doorbell?

With Voice Over IP enabled, you will receive a phone call over the Internet instead of a text notification when someone rings your Wyze Video Doorbell.

To enable Voice Over IP Calls on your doorbell:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap Account > Notifications > Push Notifications
  2. Tap Voice Over IP.
  3. Tap the toggle next to Voice Over IP Calls.
    • Note: Ignore Notification Status is automatically enabled. Even if you have Wyze app notifications turned off, you will still receive calls from your doorbell.
  4. To limit when you receive calls, tap Schedule and set specific times to receive calls over VOIP.


Additional Notes:

  • When you have a Schedule set, you will only receive VOIP calls when the doorbell is pressed during this time range.
  • When you enable Ignore Notification Status, you will receive VOIP calls even if you have notifications disabled for the Wyze app.

For Android Users

After enabling Voice Over IP Calls, keep the Wyze app open and press the physical doorbell button. You will automatically receive a pop-up page called Calling accounts. Be sure to enable the option for your Wyze Video Doorbell!


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