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What is the Threshold Temperature?

The temp difference between the sensor and thermostat.

You will receive a notification when the measured temperature difference between your Wyze Room Sensor and the thermostat exceeds the threshold value. 

For example, if you set the threshold temperature is 4ºF and your thermostat is set to 65ºF, you will receive a notification if your room sensor detects that the temperature reaches 71ºF (hot spot detected).

To change the Threshold Temperature:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Thermostat.
  2. Tap the sensor icon on the top right.
  3. With Auto Comfort enabled, tap on your sensor in the list. 
  4. Tap Threshold Temperature and set your threshold.
    • This can be from 3ºF to 10ºF.
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