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Understanding your Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset Status Lights

All Wyze devices have a handy status light that helps determine what state the device is in. Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset has four (4) different status lights. You'll find three status lights on the right ear cup of the headset, and the fourth on the USB dongle. 


Status Light Guide

1. Bluetooth® Connection

The status light above the Multi-Function button shows your Bluetooth connection to another device, like to your PC or PlayStation.

  • Solid white light: Paired and connected via Bluetooth.
  • Flashing white: Connecting, in Bluetooth pairing mode.

2. Bluetooth® LE Connection to Dongle

The status light below the Multi-Function button shows your Bluetooth® LE connection to the USB dongle, when plugged into another device.

  • Solid blue light: Paired and connected to the dongle via Bluetooth® LE.
  • Flashing blue: Connecting to the dongle, in Bluetooth@ LE pairing mode.

3. Power/Charging

The status light below the Power button shows if your headset is turned on, off, or charging.

  • No light: Power is off, the headset is not powered.
  • Solid red light: Power is on, the headset is powered and not charging.
  • Flashing red: Headset is currently charging.

4. USB Dongle Connection

The status light on the USB Dongle itself shows the Bluetooth connection between the headset and dongle.

  • Solid white light: Paired and connected to the headset.
  • Flashing white: Connecting to the headset, in pairing mode.

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