How does Wyze Cordless Vacuum compare to Wyze Cordless Vacuum S?

The chart below shows how Wyze Cordless Vacuum compares to Wyze Cordless Vacuum S.

  Wyze Cordless Vacuum Wyze Cordless Vacuum S
Battery Life Up to 50 Minutes Up to 40 Minutes
Charge Time 4-5 Hours 4-6 Hours
Max Suction Power 24000 Pa 20000 Pa
Additional Insert Included Yes No
Wall Mount Base Included Yes No
2-in-1 Brush Included Yes No


Note: The battery pack and charger are not interchangeable across devices. Although the other accessories such as the crevice tool, HEPA filter, dust cup, and more are cross-compatible, we recommend using the same accessories that came with your vacuum.

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