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How do I use my Wyze Cordless Vacuum?

Wyze Cordless Vacuum is not a smart device, and does not need to be set up with the Wyze app. Just turn it on and start cleaning.

To use Wyze Cordless Vacuum: 

  1. Remove the vacuum from the packaging.

  2. Fully charge the vacuum's Main Unit using the included power cable. The LED screen will display 100 when the vacuum is fully charged. Unplug the vacuum from power.

  3. For daily use, follow the Quick Start Guide to attach the Aluminum Tube Assembly (the longest tube in the packaging) to the Main Unit, then the Motorized Floor Brush to the tube.
  4. To turn on the vacuum and use it in Medium (default) mode, press the Power button once. To change the suction, tap the Mode Shift on the LED screen. 
  5. To turn off the vacuum, press the Power button once. 
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