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Navigating the Monitoring Tab

See and do more using the Monitoring tab in the Wyze app!

As a subscriber to Cam Unlimited, you will be able to use the multi-view feature on the Monitoring tab in the Wyze app. This feature allows you to view the live streams of up to four compatible Wyze Cams at one time so that you don't miss anything. Along with the ability to view multiple cameras' live streams and events on one tab, you can also open thumbnails, arm/disarm your cameras, and trigger alarms all on one tab.


To edit the cameras shown in multi-view:

  1. In the Wyze app, navigate to the Monitoring tab.
  2. Under the multi-view of the live streams, tap the pencil icon.
  3. Tap the checkbox next to the camera(s) that you would like to include in multi-view.
    • If you would like to remove a camera from that view, tap to remove the check.
  4. Tap Save.


You can also quickly look through events and locate particular AI events using the timeline feature. Underneath the multi-view, you will see a timeline that contains the Event videos for your cameras. Simply tap on an Event to view it! Please note that this timeline will only show Events associated with the cameras being shown in multi-view. Recordings for any other cameras can be found in the main Events tab of the Wyze app.


The Monitoring tab is also where you can access your Cam Unlimited settings. To access the settings:

  1. Tap the drop-down arrow in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. From here you can adjust the camera modes and notifications.
    • You can learn more about this here.
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