What socket and switch can I use with my Wyze Bulb?


Can I use Wyze Bulbs in semi or fully enclosed sockets?

Wyze Bulbs should work fine in partially enclosed luminaries like a sconce, but aren't rated for continuous use in fully enclosed luminaries like globe covers.


Can the Wyze Bulb be used on a physical dimmer switch?

No. The Wyze Bulb isn’t rated for use with a physical dimmer switch.

The Wyze Bulb’s brightness can be controlled with a slider through the Wyze app, making it fully dimmable, however, it needs the full amount of power at all times to work properly. 


Is the Wyze Bulb able to work with 220V?

Since the Wyze Bulbs are only sold in the US at the moment, we've only marketed them as 120V compliant. That being said, the electronics used are rated for use with 220V, and should work without issue.

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