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Can I set my Wyze Bulb up on a Mesh Network?

Wyze Bulbs should work easily with the majority of network setups, including Mesh Networks running any number of access points. The only real problem that could come up with Mesh Networks is when a Bulb is about the same distance from 2 or more access points. In these cases, the access points may fight over the Bulb when trying to set it up, drawing out the process in the long run and possibly leading to a timeout.

To make sure you don't run into any problems when setting up your Wyze Bulb on a mesh network, it's advised to either unplug the next-nearest access point while setting them up (can be plugged back in after) or get the Bulb as close to one of the access points as possible during setup. This is easiest when using a desk lamp for setup, since the Bulbs can then be moved freely to whichever socket will be their permanent home.

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