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Google Assistant

Google Assistant allows you to control your Wyze Bulb across multiple device types. This includes voice-activated speakers (Google Home Mini, Google Smart Home Hub), Android phones, iPhones, in cars with Android Auto, Android TV, and other third-party Assistant built-in hardware. 

Note:  Wyze integration with Google Assistant is available worldwide but is currently only supported in the USA. Please note that your success may vary if using the Wyze integration outside of the USA.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is the cloud-based voice service from Google. It's connected to the Google Home app, allowing you to easily and quickly manage all of your smart home devices. Interacting with your Wyze Bulb through Google Assistant is as simple as asking a question. Just ask and Google Assistant will respond instantly.

How to use Wyze Bulb with Google Assistant

We offer the ability to integrate your Wyze Bulb with Google Assistant’s voice controls. Once set up, you can tell your Google Assistant to turn your Bulb on or off.

How to connect Google Assistant:

  1. Set up your Bulb with your Wyze app and name your Bulb
  2. Update your Bulb firmware to the latest version by going to Account > Firmware Upgrade
  3. Download and configure the Home app by Google
  4. Launch the Home app
  5. Tap Add
  6. Tap Set up device
  7. Tap Works with Google
  8. Find the Wyze Home listing and log in with your Wyze account

    • Google Assistant will automatically sync and populate a list of the devices from your Wyze account.
There is no way to remove a specific Bulb from Google Assistant without deleting them from your Wyze account. Google Assistant will regularly sync, causing any Bulb you've deleted in the Wyze app to be removed from your Google Assistant's listed Wyze devices. You can also unlink your Wyze account's integration with Google Assistant by following the instructions here.

Google Assistant Commands

Once your bulb is connected to your device, you can use different voice commands to control your lighting. 

On/Off Command

You can use a voice command to turn on or off a specific bulb.

  • "Hey Google, Turn on <bulb name>."
  • "Hey Google, Turn Off <bulb name>."


There are voice commands that let you change the brightness of your Wyze Bulb.  Here are some examples:

  • "Hey Google, Brighten the <bulb name>"
  • "Hey Google, Set <bulb name> to 50%"
  • "Hey Google, "Dim/Brighten <bulb name> by 50%"

The percentage of brightness is a scale of 1-100% for the brightness setting. 

Color Temperature

You can use voice commands to change the temperature of the lighting. You can use use the color temperature commands (from warmest to coolest): Candlelight, Incandescent, Warm White, Cool White, Daylight, and Ivory.

Here are some examples:

  • "Hey Google, set (bulb name) to Ivory."
  • "Hey Google, set (bulb name) to Cool White."

How to use commands:

Once your Wyze account is connected to Google Assistant, you can use the following voice commands.

To do this:  Say "Ok Google" or “Hey Google," then...
To turn on/off a light "Turn on <bulb name>"
Dim a light "Dim the <bulb name>"
Brighten a light "Brighten the <bulb name>"
Set a light brightness to a certain percentage "Set <bulb name> to 50%"
Dim/Brighten lights by a certain percentage "Dim/Brighten <bulb name> by 50%"
Change Color Temperature "Set <bulb name> to <color temperature>"



Keep in mind:

  • The Wyze integration works with all bulbs that are connected to your Wyze account, including bulbs shared by other Wyze users.
  • Assign your bulb an easily pronounceable name, such as “Garage light” or “Living Room light”
  • If your bulb has no power due to a light switch being turned off, Google Assistant won’t be able to turn the light on.  

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