Sensor is showing as offline

There are a few troubleshooting steps that can be taken if a sensor is shown as offline on the Home tab of the Wyze app.

  1. Make sure the camera that the Bridge is paired to has the latest firmware version installed.
    • Open the Wyze app, go to the Account tab found on the bottom right.
    • Then tap Firmware Upgrade.
    • You can upgrade the firmware of the specific camera that the Bridge is paired with, or select the Upgrade All button on the bottom.
  2. Check the status light indicator on the Bridge.Indication_Light_Sense_2.png
    • If the status light is a solid yellow, test a different power source with the camera. This can either be an alternate power adapter and cable (needs to be rated for a minimum of 5V 2A) or plugging the camera directly into a computer’s USB port. 
    • If the status light is flashing in any color, turn the camera the bridge is paired with off and on using the Wyze app. Do this by taping the On/Off button to the right of the camera's listing on the Home tab.
    • If the sensor still shows as offline, remove the Bridge from the camera and Power Cycle the camera by unplugging the USB power cord, waiting 5 seconds, and then plugging the Bridge back in.


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