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About Cam Plus


Upgrade to smarter security with Cam Plus! Add Cam Plus to your Wyze Cam to unlock cloud video recording, get Smart AI Detection, and so much more.

Every Wyze user gets these features:

  • Motion and Sound Alerts
  • Alarm Sound Detections
  • Cloud Storage - Image Only
  • View the Live Stream
  • Timelapse Recording
  • 24/7 Local Recording with MicroSD Card

Cam Plus subscribers ALSO get:

  • Smart AI Detections
  • AI Event Recordings
    • Complete video capture of motion and sound events
  • 14 Days of Rollover Video Cloud Storage
    • Automatically back up event videos to the cloud for safekeeping 
  • Wyze Web View 
    • View the Live Stream from your computer
Note: Cam Plus is available on all Wyze Cam devices except Wyze Cam v1. (And if you have the original Wyze Cam, high five 🖐 !)

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