Touch Controls

How to use Wyze Headphones touch controls


Wyze Headphones come with built-in touch controls so you can manage your audio, talk to your voice assistant, and handle calls without looking at your phone.

Active Noise Cancellation

  • Press the button on the left earcup 1x to switch between noise cancellation modes.
    • Transparency Mode, Noise Cancellation On, 
  • Cover the right earcup completely to enter Quick Conversation Mode.

Listening to music and other audio

  • With the middle button on the right earcup:
    • Press 1x to play and pause your audio track.
    • Press 2x to skip to the next track.
    • Press 3x to restart the current track, or go to the previous track.
  • With the buttons above and below the middle button on the right earcup:
    • Press the upper button to increase the volume.
    • Press the lower button to decrease the volume.

Managing phone calls

  • With the middle button on the right earcup:
    • Press 1x to answer a call or end a call.
    • Press and hold to reject a call.
  • With the right earcup:
    • Tap 2x to mute yourself during a call.
    • Tap 2x to mute yourself when using your microphone.

Voice Assistant

  • Tap the right earcup 2x to talk to your voice assistant.

By default, this is your phone's native voice assistant. To set up Alexa: In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Headphones > Settings gear > Voice Assistant > Amazon Alexa.

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