How do I turn on Color Night Vision?

While viewing the Live Stream, turn Night Vision off.

A small amount of light is needed to create a clear image, but a street light outside or even a nightlight is enough. If your environment is pitch black, consider picking up our spotlight kit to help illuminate the scene.

What are Dusk and Dark for Color Night Vision?

It sets when Color Night Vision switches to Night Vision.

Wyze Cam v3 can see color in varying levels of darkness. If you enable the Dusk setting, the v3 will switch the view from color to black and white, and turn on IR LED lights, when the environment has low light. If you enable the Dark setting, the v3 will only switch when the environment has extremely low light.

What does Near and Far-infrared light mean?

Light within a visible, or non-visible, range.

Near-IR light is 940 nm, which is invisible to human eyes. It’s best used when indoors, like as a baby cam, as children will not see the red LED dots.

Far-IR light is 850nm, which is partially visible to human eyes. Far-IR is recommended for outdoor use, as they help the camera illuminate larger areas.

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