Introducing Wyze Car

Shift into fun with Wyze Car. 


Only 5,000 Wyze Cars were available, with 500 units released every hour, on the hour. Sales began at 8:00 AM Pacific on April 1st, 2021. Wyze Cam v2 sold separately.

Features we're revved up about:

  • All-wheel drive. Traverse all types of terrain, from hardwoods to backwoods.
  • LED headlight for night driving. Drive Wyze Car, day or night.
  • Sport and Eco Modes. Get the best mileage with 2 battery modes.
  • 2 hours of operation on a single charge. You could drive across town!
  • Realistic, first-person perspective. Wyze Car's app lets you see what the car sees.
  • WiFi Direct. Play with Wyze Car anywhere, without worrying about losing connection.

Note: Wyze Car requires a Wyze Cam v2 and a Wyze Powerbank to operate. 

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