Wyze Floor Lamp Setup Guide

Once assembled, Wyze Floor Lamp works right out of the box. Plug the lamp in and toggle the cord switch to turn the light on and off.

But to be able to use it with the Bluetooth remote button and the Wyze app, you must set it up with the steps in this article. Trust us - you want to do this to get the most out of your lamp.

Before you begin, download the Wyze app and sign in or create a Wyze account.

In the Box:

  • Wyze Floor Lamp Stand x1
  • Wyze PARB Bulb x1
  • Wyze PARB Remote x1
  • AAA/LR03 Battery x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1

To set up your Wyze Floor Lamp:

  1. Unpack the Wyze Floor Lamp box, including the lamp parts and Bluetooth remote.
  2. Assemble your Wyze Floor Lamp using the Quick Start Guide.
  3. Install the AAA battery into Wyze PARB Remote (the Bluetooth remote).
  4. In the Wyze app, tap the + plus sign, then Add Device.
  5. Tap Power & Lighting > Wyze Floor Lamp.
  6. Plug the floor lamp into a power outlet. 
  7. Toggle the cord switch to turn the light on. 
  8. Tap Next in the Wyze app.
    • Move your phone close to the lamp. The Wyze app will finish pairing.
  9. Name your Wyze Floor Lamp or choose from the list of Suggestions.
  10. Tap Next
  11. On the sharing screen, tap Maybe Later. In the next steps, you'll pair the Bluetooth remote to your Wyze Floor Lamp. You can share the floor lamp later.
  12. Tap Next.
  13. Toggle the cord switch again.
  14. Tap Next
  15. Pop out the side button on the Bluetooth remote to enter pairing mode.
    • The LED light will begin flashing.
  16. Tap Next.
  17. Press the big button on the center of the Bluetooth remote.
    • The lamp's lightbulb will pulse while pairing. It will steady when pairing is complete.
  18. Tap Next.
  19. Press the side button in on the Bluetooth remote to exit pairing mode.
  20. Test the remote by rotating the big button. If the brightness changes, pairing was successful.
  21. Tap Done. You're all set!
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