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How does Wyze Lock Bolt's One-Time Code work?

It creates new, randomized access codes every 4 hours.

Wyze Lock Bolt generates a randomized access code that can be used once, by the time limit displayed on the page*. Need to let someone in temporarily but don't want to share your full-time access code? Generate a one-time code for them.

To get a one-time code on Wyze Lock Bolt: 

In the Wyze app, go to your Wyze Lock Bolt > Settings > One-Time Code.

One Time Code screen 1.png

That code can be used in the keypad temporarily to unlock Wyze Lock Bolt. You don't need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and you don't even need to be close to home.

Additional Note:

Wyze Lock Bolt generates a new code every 4 hours, regardless on if you use the code or not. There's a new code at 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock, and 8 o'clock. If you generate a code at 12 PM, it will expire and a new code will be generated at 4 PM. However, if you generate a one-time code at 3:30 PM, it will still expire at 4 PM. 

4 oclock somewhere.png

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