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Is my door compatible with Wyze Lock Bolt?

Most likely, if you're in the US.

Wyze Lock Bolt is compatible with most standard US doors. Some doors may require drilling, chiseling, or extra tools if they are not standard US doors. 

After you remove your existing lock, you will line up the template to check your backset and ensure the lock is compatible without any adjustments. If it is not, follow along in the installation guide video to get it lined up.

What hardware is not compatible with my lock?

Because Wyze Lock Bolt is a deadbolt replacement lock, it works with most standard US doors.

However, if you want to avoid extra tools and unnecessary hassle, Wyze Lock Bolt is not recommended with the following deadbolts or doors:

  • Doors that do not meet the following thickness criteria:
  • Mortise or Integrated Lock & Handles
  • Rim Cylinder (you will need a circular saw or spade bit to expand the main hole on the door)
  • Dutch doors (doors that open at the top and bottom)
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