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Wyze Garage Door Controller and Alexa

Wyze devices can be paired with and controlled by voice assistants including Alexa. Once set up, you can use your voice to command Alexa to control your Wyze Garage Door Controller. 

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Before setting up Alexa with your device:

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa app. (iOS/ Android)
  2. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  3. Add the Wyze Skill.
    1. Tap More > Skills & Games, search for "Wyze" and select it from the list.
    2. Tap Enable to Use.
    3. Sign in to your Wyze account to link your account.
    4. Tap Close. You're ready to use the Wyze Skill.

To pair your Wyze Garage Door Controller to Alexa:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app and tap Discover Devices.* 
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  2. When your garage door controller is found and connected, tap Set Up Device.
  3. Create a 4-digit voice code.
    Image from iOS (2).jpg 
    • You'll use this code to open your garage.
  4. You're all set! This skill is set up and ready to use.
*Note: If you're already using the Wyze Skill, Alexa may have already discovered your garage door controller. However, you will not be able to control it until you've set up a 4-digit voice code. You must delete the garage door controller from Alexa and pair it again to get the option to create the code.

To check if Alexa has already discovered your device:

  1. Go to the Amazon Alexa app and tap Devices
  2. If your Wyze Garage Door Controller is in the list, tap on it and delete it.
  3. On the Devices screen, tap the plus sign +, then Add Device
    Image from iOS.jpg
  4. Select Garage Door. On the brand list, select Other.
  5. Select Discover Devices, and follow the steps above ("To pair..." to connect and create a voice code.
  6. You're all set! 

Alexa Voice Commands for Wyze Garage Door Controller

To open your garage door:

You: "Alexa, open (garage controller name)"
Alexa: "What's your voice code for (garage controller name)"
You: "XXXX" <--your voice code
Alexa: "Opening, hang on. The (garage controller name) is open"

To close your garage door:

You: "Alexa, close (garage controller name)"
Alexa: "Closing, hang on. The (garage controller name) is closed"

To check your garage door status:

You: "What is the status of (garage controller name)?"
Alexa: "Checking, hang on. The (garage controller name) is closed/open"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What commands does Alexa have for Wyze Garage Door Controller?
    • You can open, close, and check your garage door's status (open or closed).
  • Can anyone tell Alexa to open my garage door?
    • No, you must confirm your voice code with Alexa before the garage door will open.
  • Can I see the camera view of Wyze Garage Door Controller on my Echo Show?
    • No, because although the garage door controller has a camera attached, it is a garage door controller. It is not a camera that you view with Alexa, but a door that you open/close with Alexa. While you cannot stream the view of your garage door to an echo device, you can still check your camera view via the Wyze app. 
  • After telling Alexa to close/open my door, it still tells me the same status. What gives?
    • Your garage door controller needs at least 15 seconds to update its status. This is because the camera uses multiple frames to determine if the door is open or closed. So if you check the status immediately after asking Alexa to open or close it, you may receive an inaccurate answer. 
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