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Wyze Buds Features

This article covers the following Wyze Buds features:

Touch Controls

Wyze Buds has touch sensors built into both the left and right earbuds, letting you control your earbuds with a tap. 

When you do this... The earbuds will...
Tap and hold Toggle Transparency Mode. 
Single tap Play/Pause audio.
Double-tap Skip to the previous track.
Triple-tap Activate your voice assistant; rejects call.

Note: By default, Wyze Buds will use the default voice assistant of the device it’s connected to, but this can be changed to Alexa via the in-app settings. If you're on iOS, you must have the Amazon Alexa app running in the background to use Alexa.

Alexa Built-In

Wyze Buds lets you instantly connect to Alexa to play your favorite music, check the weather, get the news, and more. Just triple-tap the touch pad of either earbud and speak.

This feature is optimized for Android devices. iOS requires the Amazon Alexa app to be running in the background.



Sensors recognize when Wyze Buds are in your ears and will automatically pause your music when you set them down. 

Don't want the music to stop? Toggle this feature off in your Wyze Buds settings.

To turn Auto Pause on/off:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap Wyze Buds.
  2. Tap the Settings gear. 
  3. Tap the toggle next to Auto Pause.

Quick Charge

Battery running low? Put your Wyze Buds in their charging case for 15 minutes, and you'll get 2 hours of playback time. 

IPX5 Sweat Resistant

IPX5-rated moisture resistance can withstand sustained perspiration from CrossFit to marathons and everything in between.

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