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Does Wyze Cam OG have a spotlight?

Yes, Wyze Cam OG (standard, not Telephoto 3x) has a spotlight!

One of the primary features of Wyze Cam OG is the integrated 40-lumen spotlight. You can control your spotlight with two different settings, Auto or Manual.
  • Auto: The spotlight will automatically turn on when motion or sound is detected by the camera.
  • Manual: The spotlight remains off, regardless of what is detected, until you manually turn it on.

To set your spotlight to Auto or Manual:

  1. Navigate to your camera's settings, then tap Spotlight.
  2. Tap Auto or Manual.
    • Auto: Once you tap Auto, you'll see options to have the spotlight turn on when Motion is detected by camera and/or Sound is detected by camera.
      • You can also set a Timer for how long the spotlight will remain on after motion or sound is detected.
    • Manual: To control the spotlight, you will need to manually tap the spotlight icon on the camera's live stream to turn it on/off.

You can also control your spotlight using a schedule! Let's say you want your spotlight to automatically turn on every night at 8:00 PM and remain on until 6:00 AM. To create this schedule:

  1. Navigate to your camera's settings, then tap Spotlight
  2. Tap Schedule then tap Schedule again.
  3. Tap Name (Optional) to name your Rule. You can name it whatever you want!
  4. Select a Start Time of 8:00 PM and an End Time (Optional) of 6:00 AM.
  5. Select the day(s) of the week you'd like this schedule to be active.
  6. Tap Add Action, tap on your Wyze Cam OG, then check the box next to Turn on the spotlight and tap Save.
  7. Tap Save again, and then you're all set!

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