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How do I link Wyze Cam OG cameras together in the Wyze app?

A unique feature for Wyze Cam OG cameras is being able to view two Live streams at once using Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode. To do this, you must link two Wyze Cam OG cameras together. Linking should not be confused with stacking.

Note: Only Wyze Cam OG cameras (standard and Telephoto 3x) can be linked and used in PIP mode.

Before attempting to link your cams, make sure both Wyze Cam OG devices are set up in the Wyze app. This applies to both standard OG and Telephoto 3x cameras.

To link your Wyze Cam OG cams:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap to open one of your Wyze Cam OG cameras.
    • Let the Live stream load.
  2. On the Live stream, tap the < back arrow icon to open the PIP view.
  3. Tap the + plus sign to add a camera. 
  4. In the popup, select a Wyze Cam OG device to link, then tap Save.

Want to swap the PIP views? Tap the < back arrow icon, then the box on the left in the subview.

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