MicroSD and Continuous Recording

Using a microSD card with your Wyze Cam gives you the ability to record continuous footage and recorded events directly to your local microSD card. 

A microSD card is not required to use your Wyze Cam but with the microSD you will gain the following features:

  • Continuous recording
  • Files can be saved locally to the microSD card
  • Time Lapse videos

Which microSD card should I use?

The best option to get a microSD card with a great warranty is to purchase a card through Wyze. Click here to buy a 32GB Class 10 microSD card. If you want to use a different card, Wyze Cam supports Class 10 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB microSD cards in FAT32 format. 

The card must be formatted to FAT32.

Advanced Note: The camera will recognize larger cards (64GB+) that use exFAT, but these cards are less stable and are more likely to experience issues in the long run. While there are ways to force larger cards onto the FAT32 format, they are less likely to be recognized by the camera and may corrupt your data.

Installing a microSD card

To install a microSD card unplug your Wyze Cam to prevent corruption of any recordings present on the card. Then insert a microSD card in the slot in the base of the camera. There is an outline of a microSD card imprinted next to the slot to show you which way it should be inserted.


Once the microSD is inserted, plug in your Wyze Cam. If the microSD was inserted correctly, you will hear the camera make a ding sound. If you do not hear the ding sound, try unplugging the camera, re-inserting the microSD card, and plugging it back in.

Formatting a microSD card

If the microSD card has been used before, it is recommended to format the card when you install it in your Wyze Cam. To do this, tap into your camera’s live stream from the Home tab and tap Settings iconSettingsGear.png > Advanced Settings > Local Storage > Format. Be aware that this will erase all of the existing contents of the microSD card, so be sure to back up your files if there are any you want to save.

Recording Options for your microSD Card

With the microSD card installed, you can record events or a continuous stream onto your local storage. Follow these steps to set up recording with a microSD:

  • Navigate to the Wyze app.
  • Tap the camera you want to set from the Home tab.
  • Once you see that camera’s Live Stream tap Settings icon SettingsGear.png at the top right.
  • Then navigate to Advanced Settings > Local Storage.

From here you can turn on Local recording to microSD Card. This will let you choose between Continuous recording and Record events only.

Continuous Recording

When continuous recording is selected, your camera continuously records video to the microSD card. This gives you the option of having a constant recording available for playback later. 

Wyze Cam will still create alert videos that are captured and stored on the cloud based on the camera’s motion detection settings. This lets you have a backup on the cloud waiting for you, just in case.

How long the continues footage depends on the size of your microSD and your video recording settings. Check out the chart below:


Note: Cameras with their live stream set to 360p will record to the microSD card in SD.

Set the recording quality for your camera in your Live Stream for the selected Wyze Cam. Go to the home tab on the Wyze app, select the Camera, and then click on the HD, SD, or 360p setting on the top left. 

The Continuous Recording has a rolling feature to it. When the card is full, it will begin to overwrite the oldest footage and roll forward.

Record Events Only

When you select Record events only, the camera will only record video if motion is detected.



Record Events Only breaks the video feed into 1-minute increments. If a motion is detected at any point within a 1-minute increment, that 1-minute increment is recorded to the microSD card. This means that the camera will record continuously when there is motion, and will not record when there is no motion detected.


Just like Continuous recording, this is independent of the Events that are captured and stored on the cloud based on the camera’s motion detection settings. 

Recording events only is an excellent way of preserving space on your microSD card.


Use the Playback feature to view video footage stored on your microSD card.

To view the recorded footage, enter the Live Stream view for your camera and tap the View Playback button.
  • Tap and drag the timeline to view recorded video from a specific point in time.
  • You can tap the date button to select a specific date in the calendar view.
  • The times where there is video footage available will be highlighted in color on the timeline.
  • You can pinch and zoom on the timeline to change the scale of the timeline to make it easier to select a specific point in time. This is particularly useful if you have 1-minute increments based on the Record events only setting.
  • You can use the < and > buttons to jump to the previous or next event in the timeline. This is helpful when the camera is set to Record events only.
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