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About Wyze Sense

Wyze Sense can make your normal stuff smart stuff. Place contact sensors on liquor cabinets, safes, trash cans, cookie jars, and anything else that twists, turns, opens or closes. Motion sensors are great for bedrooms, bathrooms, or anywhere you don’t want to put a Wyze Cam.


The Wyze Sense Starter Kit includes 1 Sensor Bridge, 2 Contact Sensors, and 1 Motion Sensor. You’ll also need a Wyze Cam to connect the Wyze Bridge. Wyze Sense is compatible with Wyze Cam v1, v2, and Pan.

Contact Sensor

Wyze Contact Sensors will notify you any time something is opened, closed, or left open. The Contact Sensor has two parts. The larger side houses the tech, with the magnetic switch being located on its straight edge. The smaller side can be placed anywhere within 2 cm of the larger side. When the smaller side is farther than 2cm, it will send an open signal via the bridge. 


Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor detects the motion of objects with a heat signature such as people and animals, though it may also sense other warm objects that move (for example, heat coming out of a vent) by sensing infrared light.  The sensor detects objects at distances up to 26 feet and a horizontal detection angle of 120°. The range can vary based on where you place it and the orientation. 

The sensor is designed to detect at a slight downward angle. In most cases, it's best to have the Wyze logo facing upright when placing the sensor and mounting the sensor at approximately 6 feet high. 


Use with Wyze Cam and Wyze Bulb 

The sensors can be used by Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan to capture a video clip when something specific happens. For example, opening a door.

They can also be used by Wyze Bulb to do things like turning off your lights after a certain amount of time when no one is detected in a room. Once you have a Starter Kit, you can add more sensors and use the same Sensor Bridge.

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