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About the Wyze Base Station

Unlike other Wyze cameras, your Wyze Cam Outdoor must be connected to a Base Station to work. This article explains why.

More Reliable Range

Without the Wyze Base Station, the camera's range would be limited to that of the local WiFi. Since the effective range of consumer-grade routers can vary, we wanted to make sure that users had a consistent experience. With a long enough ethernet cable, you can place the Base Station farther out, like in a shed or barn, to give you more flexibility with placement.

Bound to the Wyze Cam Outdoor

With the Wyze Cam Outdoor being outdoors, there's a greater risk of a grab and run. In case this happens, once you set up your Base Station and camera, they're officially bound to each other until manually deleted from the primary user's account. This means that even if the Base Station or camera are stolen, they can't be added to someone else's account or used until the original user deletes it from theirs.

Backs up Local Recordings

We've included a microSD port in the Base Station itself so that you can backup all local recordings (including time lapses) from your Wyze Cam Outdoor. Even if your camera is stolen, your recordings will be backed up to the Base Station.

Travel Mode

Besides acting as a connection point for the Wyze Cam Outdoor, you can use the Wyze Base Station in Travel Mode to connect to your camera without internet access. This lets you connect up to four (4) Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras to your Base Station at home, then take the camera(s) to a remote location (as long as it's still plugged into a power source) and view the Live Stream even without Internet.

Network Status and Strength

When you visit the Device Info for the Wyze Cam Outdoor, you'll see two things that only the Base Station provides: network status and signal strength. These tell you if the Wyze Cam Outdoor is online, and if the signal is strong or weak, which can help when troubleshooting the Wyze Cam Outdoor. 

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