Do Cam Plus event recordings end when motion stops?

Yes, they last the duration of the motion.

When motion stops, your Wyze Cam will stop capturing video. Event videos will only record while motion is detected.

Note: Wyze Cam Outdoor has new settings for Cam Plus, that allows you to choose your cooldown period and the max video length. This means that the records will stop at your selected max video length OR when motion stops, whichever is first.

Note for Wyze Cam Outdoor:

Wyze Cam Outdoor allows for adjusting both the Recording Length and Recording Cooldown so that you can either record the full duration of motion, or end the recording after a set amount of time (or add a gap between recordings) to help reduce the impact that this has on your Wyze Cam Outdoor's battery life. These can be changed under Wyze Cam Outdoor > Settings > Event Recording.

Backup to Base Station is unavailable when using Cam Plus with Wyze Cam Outdoor.

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