Viewing Event Videos

Viewing Event Videos

One way to view your Event Videos is to click on the Push Notification that was sent to your smartphone or device. Tapping the notification will open up the Wyze app and take you to the Event Video. 


Another way is to tap Events in the Wyze app to see a list of Event videos. 

You can then scroll through the list of Event videos taken by all your Wyze Cam devices. To look at a specific video, click the still image from that video. It will take you to a page to watch the video.

Filter by Device and Event Type

On the Event screen, tap the funnel on the top right to Filter by Camera, and Seen and Heard events.

Event Types

  • Seen
    • Motion: Video was created when movement was detected.
    • Person: Video was created when a person was detected.
  • Heard
    • Sound: Video was created when sound was detected.
    • CO and Smoke Alarm: Video was created when an alarm sound was detected.

Another event type is an Automation, which is an event triggered by a Rule. If you create a Rule to "Upload a short video to the cloud" at a specific time from a specific camera, an Automation event video will be created once that time has passed. Automation events cannot be filtered.

Saving and Sharing Videos

You can also save and download individual Event Videos. To do this, tap on the Event Video you are interested in. On the top right of that Event Video you will see Share share.jpgand Download download.png icon


The optional Cam Plus service will remove the cooldown period and allow your Wyze Cam to record as long as there is motion detected.
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