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My Wyze Cam v3 is making a clicking sound.


Your Wyze Cam v3 makes a ticking or clicking sound continuously.


When your Wyze Cam v3 turns on Night Vision, it moves a filter over the camera. This can cause a temporary clicking sound. But if the clicking is persistent, it might be stuck.

To fix the clicking on Wyze Cam v3, try this:

  1. While the clicking is happening, open up the camera's live stream to check if it is cycling Night Vision On and Off.
  2. Tap to cycle the Night Vision settings through Auto, Off , and On  to see if it will stop the continuous clicking. 
    • The Night Vision icons in the Wyze app look like: Night Vision Auto Night Vision Off Night Vision On.

If the issue persists, please record the camera clicking with your phone or tablet. Then send the video to our Wyze Wizards for more help.

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