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Changing the HEPA filter.

Changing the HEPA filter can be done in a few quick steps:

  1. Press the green button at the front of the handguard to release the dust bin.
  2. Remove the dust bin, and pull the HEPA filter out from the top.
  3. From underneath the dust bin, twist the filter housing counter-clockwise, then pull to remove it.
  4. Clean the filter housing by tapping it over a trash can to remove larger debris, then rinsing it with clean water.
  5. Reinsert the filter housing and twist clockwise to secure it.
  6. Place the HEPA filter back in the top of the housing (or replace with a new one as necessary), pressing firmly to make sure it’s seated.
  7. Place the dust bin back onto the motor housing, making sure it snaps back into place against the handguard.


Note: The HEPA filter can also be rinsed with water, but needs to be dried completely before being reinstalled.

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