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Is my wiring compatible with Wyze Switch?

It must be a single pole switch with neutral wiring.

  1. Was your house built after the mid-1980s?
    • If yes, then you most likely have neutral wiring (compatible).
    • If no, there's a chance you don't have neutral wiring (not compatible). 
  2. Check the switch that you want to replace with Wyze Switch. Is it the only switch that controls the fixtures it works with?
    • If yes, then it is a single pole switch (compatible).
    • If no, and multiple switches can control the same fixtures, it is a three pole switch (not compatible).


Additional Information: 

  • Single Pole: Single pole switches are most commonly used in home lighting circuits to control one or more lights or fixtures from a single location, such as the entrance to a room.
  • Three pole or three-way switches are used to control one or more lights or fixtures from multiple locations, such as the top and bottom of a flight of stairs.
  • Single pole and three pole switches look the same when installed but are used for different purposes. Closer inspection reveals that while a single pole switch has two terminals, a three pole switch has three.
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