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My Wyze Switch won't turn on.


When installing Wyze Switch, the LED status light does not light up. The switch isn't receiving power.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. At the breaker, turn off power to the switch.
  2. Ensure all wiring is connected as instructed.
    • Gently tug on each connection to make sure they are secured firmly with the terminal screws or wire nuts.
  3. Try to reverse the load and line wires. 
    1. At the breaker, turn on power to the switch to test if this change helped.
    2. If it still doesn't work, turn off power to the switch again.
  4. Reinstall your old switch to check if it works properly. Turn on power to the switch, then test it.
    1. If it works fine, your Wyze Switch may be defective and require a replacement.
    2. If it does not work as expected, something may be wrong with your wiring. Please consult a licensed electrician for further troubleshooting.
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