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The camera's live stream is slow, distorted.


When viewing the live stream, the video is slow, choppy, and/or distorted.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Toggle your camera's resolution.
    • All Wyze Cam devices have a quality setting on the top left of the live stream.
    • Tap to choose between HD, SD, and 360p. If you're on HD, try a lower setting as they both consume less bandwidth. 
  • If you have multiple cameras, test the connection.
    • Unplug every Wyze Cam except the one that's running slow. If you see an improvement, plug in the other cameras one-by-one. 
    • Check each camera's live stream after you add one to see when it/they start to slow down.
  • Move your camera closer to the router to see if this improves the connection quality.
  • If other cameras are having the same issue, try rebooting your router.
If you are unable to connect to the camera at all, please see our Connectivity Issues article.

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