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Cam Protect Setup Guide

Setting up Cam Protect doesn't require any extra tools, devices, or professionals. Just an active Cam Protect license and your compatible Wyze Cam! 
Please note::Cam Protect currently works only with our Indoor cameras.

The Setup for Cam Protect is a multi-step Process.

1. Purchase Cam Protect

2. Setup the Monitoring

3. Setup Cameras and Settings



1. Purchasing Cam Protect:

You can Purchase Cam Protect from the Wyze App or the Wyze Website

Purchase from the Wyze Website:

  1. To purchase from the Wyze Website visit: 
  2. Click on Subscribe Now.
  3. Select the Monthly or Annual Payment Plan.
  4. You will receive a 14-day free trial for the service.
  5. After 14 days, the subscription will be auto-renewed into a paid subscription license.

Purchase from the Wyze App:

  1. Navigate to the Wyze App > Account > Services > Cam Protect
  2. Tap on Add an Annual or Monthly Plan.
  3. Select the Plan and number of Licenses.
  4. Click Subscribe Now.



2. Set up the Service in the Monitoring tab.


  • Setting up the Personal Information

  1. Navigate to the Wyze App > Monitoring Tab.
  2. You will be able to see Start Setup

  3. Click Start Setup.
  4. The App will ask you to enter your Address Information. 
    Currently, only US and Canadian Residential addresses are supported.

  5. Once this step is complete, Please Name your Home.

  6. The Next Step is to Enter your Personal Information.
  7. Enter your First and Last Name 

  8. Enter your Phone Number .


  9. You will receive a Text to Verify your Phone Number.

  • Setting up Pin and Safe Word:

  1.  After Completing the Verification for the Phone Number, The next step is to set up the PIN and Safe Word.
  2. The App will ask you to create a PIN that can be used for Arming and Disarming the Cameras.


  3. The next step is to Create a Safe Word that can be shared with the Noonlight Agents to ensure Safety and cancel Alarms.





  • Setting up Cameras

  1. After Setting up the Pin and Safe Word, the Next Step is to set up your cameras.
  2. Place the Cameras in areas inside your home where you would like to be alerted if a Person is detected.

  3. Follow the Tips in the App for avoiding False Alarms 




  • Setting up Video Verification

  1. Video Verification is a feature with Cam Protect to avoid false alarms and false dispatch for Emergency Services.
  2. You can enable Video Verify during setup or later on from Cam Protect Settings.







  • Setting up Entry Delay

  1. Entry delays can be used to delay the Alarm by a few seconds.
  2. Cam Protect allows Entry Delays from 0 sec to 60 sec.







  • Setup Alert Types

Critical Alerts ( IOS only) will allow you to receive notifications even if your phone is on Do not Disturb Mode.



3. Assign your cameras and Settings.


  1. Assign the cameras from the list of available cameras.





  • Test Mode

By default the System will be in Test Mode. The Emergency Services are not triggered in Test Mode.



  • Request Dispatch

You can press and hold the Request dispatch button to trigger an alarm.


Once the Alarm is triggered, enter the pin to disarm or use the safe word with the Noonlight agent to cancel the alarm.





  • Settings Up Rules and Schedules.

This feature allows you to setup your schedules for arming and disarming your cameras without having to manually change the state every time.



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